Real Smart Home Experience

Innovation of smart home experience is slowly influencing legacy home renovation and design. Many companies are trying to be "smart", including transitional furniture companies and internet giants. There are various smart products filling the market right now with smart appliances, smart devices, smart monitoring devices, and etc. However, are installing all of these device means a fulfilling smart home experiences? Well, it might or might not be.

1. Smart Home Concept

Smart furnitures is based on modern furnitures, fusion with smart combination, smart embedded device, smart mechanism, and IoT devices. These innovative design and combination not only makes these furnitures smarter and futuristic, but also more comfortable and convenient.

Smart Home experience is based on a household, setting up an unifying smart home automation and daily routing management system with combination of electric wiring, network communication, security monitoring, automation control, and media control. Therefore, real smart home design should provide with home security, brings convenience, comfort, and media to your home and conserving energy at the same time.

2. Smart Home Network

Smart furniture is based on traditional furniture, and making legacy furniture smarter, including device, mechanism, and IoT. Adding smart devices to furniture, putting new mechanism to make using furniture more comfortable, and IoT adding remote and automation to the operation of the furnitures, brings ease and comfort to your daily life.

Smart TV stand as the centre piece of the smart home system, it contains network center, data center, and communicates with other furnitures over different networks such as IC, WIFI, and bluetooth. IoT also brings remote access to your smart furniture over the internet when you are away from your home, providing you with monitoring and enhance security experiences.

3. Combination

Smart furniture is including various smart devices including smart sofa, smart shelf, smart shoebox, smart desk, smart coffee table, smart dish washer, smart TV stands, and etc. Most importantly, smart home furniture is not a single piece of product any more. Manufacturers provides components and modularize furnitures allowing customers to make their own combinations.

Smart home experience is an overall experiences, it is not provided by a single smart product. A good design of smart home product should have remote control and monitoring built-in. Products with IoT and remote control and monitoring is considered as outstanding products for smart home experiences, including Samsung is moving forward with their smart home products.

4. Functionalities

Generally speaking, a smart home furniture should be able to allow customers to remote control with smart phone and tablet devices. Smart home furniture via data exchange allows customers to control media playing, controlling LED lighting, and power door, sanitizing, and various convenience control in daily life.

Smart home experience is build on top of smart home furniture and adding overall lighting control, remote control, household automation, security and monitoring.

In summary, smart furniture is part of smart home experience, but smart furnitures is only a sub set of much bigger and complete household experience in comparing to smart home experience.

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