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Ai Living is a platform. A platform of integration of design and renovation. It can provide a smooth and convenient renovation solution. You can save yourself a lot of time without browsing around the entire city for your interior designer, material supplier, and manufacturer individually.


Need analysis/tailered design/material selection/consturction


Smart Home/Ideology

For the longest time, renovation and its design are known for their tedious process. It is truely a nerve-wracking, tiring and unavoidable journey to almost everyone. 

The purpose of it, though, is for us to have a happier and better life. However, we sort of lose our way in the pursuit of a beautiful home to live in. Ai Living is created to alter this pathetic/lamentable reality.

"Once you step in and tell us your need, we will handle the rest."

Ai Living is a platform where you can find all you need.

It is  a "one-stop" service for interior design. Services range from design process, material selection, renovation and even furniture/appliance selection. We equipped our own designer team, construction team, licensed engineer team, material processing manufactorers and furniture wholesaler.

All the above ganrantee a better price and a higher quality outcome. 

▼  A realistic design

Ai Living showcases the design by providing design sample, like those ones in Ikea, so that we can see the full picture without using our imaginaton. Samples available in table top, cabinet and shower .,etc. All the samples are created 100% true to the blueprint, using exactly same materials. 

▼  A fluent and complete flow

Professional designer team includes interior, cabinet, furniture and lighting designers. All designers are directly connected to professioanl materials suppliers, such as countertop factories, cabinet factories, solid wood furniture factories, ensuring the fastest and most accurate way to accquire corresponding materials. Database and catalogues are ensured updated, therefore, clients are freed from problems such as material out-of-stock. 


▼  Bosch Appliance

European largest manufacturer of household appliances and one of the world's leading manufacturers of household appliances. 


Well-known Italian modern style design furniture store and known for its high-end products

▼  Benjamin Moore

A well-known century-old paint manufactoturer in North America, founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1883. It is a world-renowned chemical coating company integrating high-tech research and development, production and sales.

▼  Ciot

Established in Montreal in 1950, the company specializes in the import of natural stone and ceramic products

▼  Cosentino

Cosentino is a Spanish company that produces and supplies advanced and innovative surface materials for architectural and design companies.

▼  AppliCiotance Canada

An advanced and ultra-premium wholesale equipment supplier preferred by Ontario builders and developers.

▼ 1BENMU Inc.

Well-known hardwood furniture manufacturer in Canada who facilitates own timber production site.

Offering products to both home and commercial customers. All furniture is hand crafted.

In the future, Ai Living will work with 1BENMU to develop its own brand – "AI LVING" brand furniture

In the future, Ai Living will incorporate intelligence and high-tech with household living. Ai Living is developing its own brand on Smart Home furniture. This series of products will be showcased in 2019 Interior Design Show and 2019 National Home Show in Canada.  










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