News | Ai Living: A Bewildering Appearance at Toronto Fall Home Show

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Imagine these at your home. 

Your kitchen cabinet displays the weather forecast and traffic before you step out of the door.

Your coffee machine has the coffee ready for you before you enter the house after work.

With a push of a button, your window glass flips to antiglare mode when the sun comes out.

Any white wall can be turned into a movie screen whenever you feel like watching a movie… 

All these above have been realized by Ai Living and

their cutting edge product technology. 

At Sept 28 – 30 Home Show, 

Ai Living caught many’s attention and was one of the most popular participants.

What’s the magic that Ai living spell?

Let’s find out why. 

As an interior design platform that provides “one-stop” all inclusive service,

Ai Living surprised potential clients with their complete kitchen set.

It has 3 main characteristics that makes it stands out in the market against its counterparts.

Firstly, it is its all inclusiveness.

Ai Living is known for its “one stop” service – client being able to pick the design,

materials and have renovation accomplished all at one place.

This kitchen set strictly follows this philosophy.

The set is designed based on a size of a 20 feet kitchen and package is all inclusive –

including EVERYTHING except the appliance.

The table surface is constructed with Canadian natural rock.

The handle is crafted under high end designer Pomelli’s design – clean and elegant.

This creatively designed kitchen set 

Orig. CAD $12,999

Only CAD $9,999 for Home Show Guests!

Secondly, it is its uniqueness.

Most kitchen cabinet designs available in Toronto are in the style of classical.

Ai Living’s kitchen cabinet was

the only one with the modern design at the home show.

Its uniqueness immediately attracted lots of attention and favour. 

Thirdly, its intelligent home solution.

Ai Living can assist clients to connect home appliance to cellular phones,

so clients can remotely control appliance simply using their own cellphones.

For example,

You can cook coffee with the use of cellphone when they are in bed in the early morning.

For another example, warming up the oven without physically being at home. 

Ai Living also had the following 2 new products – lavatory and stand-along shoe cabinet.

One is a design for lavatory.

The other is a shoe cabinet.

Some might think that these might not play significant roles in their daily life.

But its unique and creative design will surprise you. 

The lavatory is a special design by Ai Living for this show.

The table top is made of quartz.

In AiLiving’s showroom, there are 6 other styles just for lavatory.

All of these packages includes tiling, wall design, LED smart mirror and spot lights etc.,

bringing up the texture, elegance and taste.

Along with the design,

the building materials and renovation can be brought home together,

only at the cost of $4888 CAD.

Next is the stand-along shoe cabinet.

A smart device is built in the cabinet and home owner can talk to the device and

get to know the weather and traffic etc., 

Besides, it only has a built-in deodorizing and drying device, keeping the room fresh and clean. 

Ai Living’s philosophy is integrating latest technology with the everyday household living.

Currently they are developing and researching their brand on smart home furniture.

Besides all the above, Ai Living presented several thoughtful small tech devices.

For example,

a clear film that sticks to the window glass can be switched to a solid white colour,

blocking sunlights and safeguarding privacy. 

Another one was a smart projector,

allowing movie screening on any white walls anytime anywhere. 

Decoration will no longer be trivial.

Housekeeping will no longer be boring with AiLiving. 

During the show, AiLiving had received great attention.

More than 200 guests expressed their desire to follow AiLiving.

Dozens of guests signed with AiLiving on the spot. 

In order to express gratitude to clients’ support,

AiLiving will still honour the discount even after the show for those who left their contact information during show! 

Missed it? No worries. Ai Living will be at

Home Fest  11/2-11/4/2018

Interior Design Show 2019.   1/17-1/20/2019

National Home Show 2019.   3/8-3/17/2019










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