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Find Your Muse in the Greatest Interior Design Exhibition in Canada

What is IDS?

IDS, stand for Interior Design Show

IDS 2019 Toronto

"We bring people together to experience the power of design."

interior inspiration

Interior Design Show has been dedicated to showcasing the power of design since 1999. It has been created to promote quality design and to inspire a compelling concept for the innovation in Canada and around the world. It also provides a networking platform for professional experts and talents. To sum up, this exhibition showcased the best, most trendy and practical design in Canada. Everyone can get inspired! Ai Living, honoured to be exhibiting, showcased a very magical cabinet countertop in a show. Let's take a look.


It is elegant and it does not seem fancy at all.

One may wonder why the pot is placed over there.

What do those two red dots do?

The red dots are where the stove is hidden.

The minimal design combines the stove and countertops, making cleaning easy.

As a company that pursues intelligence and perfection, Ai Living showcased this cabinet at the show for several reasons. IDS' motto is to be the latest and most practical. This cabinet is both beautiful and practical. This is also a very mindful design for its ability to maximize the use of space for storage.

Island countertop is made out of patterned tiles and stones, which needs a complete slate to complete. The manufacturing process is very complicated. Cutting will easily cost a loss of the material. The installation also requires careful pattern alignment. Such a design is considered rare in the Canadian market. It is considered good-looking and to have high usage value. The materials consist of high-temperature tolerant brick and stones and they are used to construct drawers, doors, etc. These materials prevent the deformation and bending caused by normal everyday usage.

There were a great many people who passed and dropped by at our booth during the show.

So what else is on the show?

Let's take a look at this overall picture.

"Artsy" and beautiful wall ?

According to the designer, with the renovation trend of minimalism in recent years, the solid wood 3D wall panel has been favoured by more and more people. With the random "mix and match", it can create a unique sense of design. This wall panel currently has 5 patterns ...

You might have already noticed that Ai Living not only designs and make furniture but also provides decoration and renovation materials. That's right! As a one-stop platform for renovation and design, Ai Living not only has its own design team and construction team, it also works closely together with many well-known and quality brands. For example, this low-key but exquisite business card holder is by its long-term cooperation and Canadian famous log wood company. The name is 1benmu.

Ai Living has been pushing its limit and is the best it can be. The decent reputation has earned many sole acting partners of many well-known home brands. Many home furniture that is hard to find such as sofas etc., can be found at Ai Living.

Most importantly, Ai Living has been committed to the development and promotion of smart homes.

In the year 2018, Ai Living also participated in the Toronto Fall Home Show. It has attracted countless compliment and traffic. Let's review the grand occasion at the time.

So No wait! Come to us at the National Home Show 2019!

Mar 08, 10:00 AM – Mar 17, 5:00 PM

Enercare Centre, 100 Princes' Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3, Canada