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Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Our ideal life should be relaxing, easy and joyous. However, it has become more difficult for us to relax in the contemporary concrete jungles.

Home should be somewhere to turn to when we are trying to relax. A soft, comfortable and decent couch is very necessary. 

So, what kinda of couch should we pick? Here are a couple of ways to pick the right couch from Ai Living.

The first thing to look at is the style. Styles of furniture set different moods and atmosphere.

Here we introduce the leg-less couch.

Compared with couch with legs, leg-less couch is more compact and sleek design. It makes cleaning a lot easier. 

Besides styles, how easy it is to clean the couch makes an important buying factor. No one wants to sit on a dirty couch to relax. In this case, a removable and washable sofa cover is essentially important. However, we need to be cautious about the material of the sofa cover. Some of them will deform after washing.

Another factor to look at is the softness of the couch. A couch that is too soft will increase the burden on the spine. A couch that is too hard will be not comfortable to sit on. 

The filler materials of the couch determines the softness of it. Using high quality natural down as filler materials not only makes the couch lighter but also reduces the chance of deformation overtime. 

The design of furniture does not update so frequently and in time in North America. Leg-less couches are rare to find. Ai Living is the place to go if you want to look at couches without legs. 

Ai Living is more than just a place to sell renovation materials. It is a one-stop platform for home improvement and renovation design. We ally with well established brands and companies to provide customers with great home improvement products. 

Working with DLXART, Ai Living presents the following 3 styles of couches. 


Wide armrest, high quality natural down filler, decorated by the soft angled metal accessories. 

Armrest back frame has evenly distributed small holes, providing freedom to combine and bent. Very comfortable to sit on. 

Design Concept: Reliable and Flexible 


The natural down-filled soft touch. The calm and elegant blue. Pure, soft and tasteful. Just like the blues music - calming the body and soul and enjoying your life.

Design Concept: Blue-tone Fashion


Splashes of colours. Deep love hidden in the poetry. Will you accept my confession? 

Design Concept: Chic and Stylish

Have you found out any interesting point? Taking Alpha as an example, 

All of these couches have the following characteristic 

1. Adjustable seat

2. Entirely sponge

3. Sweeping Armrest 

4. Beautiful cushion

The cover of the couches and pillows are fully removable and washable with zippers. It comes with birch and pine wood frames. Well polished natural down padding does not bent or deform easily. Size and colour customization available.

You might have asked yourself why haven't you seen this brand before. All of these couches are from ARIS. "Making the most comfortable couch" is their business motto.  DLXART is the exclusively authorized dealership for ARIS in Canada.

DLXART is dedicated to bringing in the high ended soft furniture to the North American market. It coincides with AiLiving's philosophy of pursuing quality. All these above styles were hand picked by AiLiving's designers for your better living quality.

You can receive Extra Discount for Purchase All of Them in AiLiving.

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